Martial Arts Fitness Centre

West Cork

The Old Mill, Market Street, Skibbereen

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Marc: +353 (0)86 033 6606

About Marc
Marc has been working in the fitness and Martial Arts industry for ten years and has been training for over twenty. Marc qualified as a personal trainer with the fitness institute in Sydeny, Australia and also has a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do. He specialises in teaching Kung Fu/Martial Arts, Tricking and Parkour.

Marc has spent most of the last ten years in Asia and Australasia where he worked as a stunt performer in movies alongside Jackie Chan, Milla Jovovich, Paul Rudd, Maggie Q, Gary Daniels, Kristin Kreuk and Collin Chou. Marc has worked with the Beijing/Shanghai stunt teams and many other talented martial artists from all around the world. Marc is still heavily involved in stunts and is now a member of the Irish Stund Guild. He works regularly on projects both in Ireland & abroad such as Game of Thones, Vikings & Ripper Street.
Photos from working as a stunt performer
Marc with Milla Jovovich on set of movie Ultraviolet in Hong Kong.
Marc with Igor Breakenback on set filming a commercial in Sydney, Australia.
Marc with Jon Foo (Tekken, Universal Soldier 2) in Bangkok, Thailand & stuntman Martin Ruddock
Marc with Gary Daniels in Hong Kong
Marc with Wu Gong (Jackie Chan’s Stunt Double) in Hong Kong
Marc on set with Bey Logan & Maggie Q in Hong Kong
Marc with Paul Rudd on set in Hong Kong
Marc with actor Daniel O’Neill (Bangkok Adrenaline) in London.
Marc with Anis Cheurfa & Brahim Achabbakhe filming a commercial in Bangkok, Thailand
Black XS Commercial filmed in Sydney Australia
Marc stunt doubling Kit Harrington (Jon Snow) on Game of Thrones
Marc on Game of Thrones set in Belfast
Marc on the Vikings set in Wicklow
Marc with the stunt crew from Penny Dreadful
Marc on set on Ripper Street