Martial Arts Fitness Centre

West Cork

The Old Mill, Market Street, Skibbereen

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Martial Arts Fitness Centre West Cork

Marc: +353 (0)86 033 6606

Welcome to the Martial Arts Fitness Centre West Cork!

Whether you are interested in getting fit, training for fun, competing or making martial arts your full-time fix the Martial Arts Fitness Centre West Cork has a comprehensive training package for you. The gym is a friendly but tough environment where everyone works hard, supports their teammates and enjoys high quality training. We have a group of excellent, specialist instructors who will challenge you whether your Personal Training, doing Fitness Classes or Martial Arts Classes.

Male or female, whatever your experience, we provide classes for everyone. From absolute beginners to serious competitors, we can provide a training programme that will address your strength, fitness, diet, and skills in order to meet your goals and become a successful athlete of whatever level you wish.

We run classes six days a week including Kickboxing, MMA, Freestyle Sparring & Conditioning, Free Running\Parkour, Boxercise, Karate, Tai Chi, Pilates, Body Sculpt and more......