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Like countless martial artists before him, Marc Redmond's first inspiration was the movies, and by the tender age of seven-years-old he was on his way, training in earnest with the one-pointed intention of traveling to Hong Kong and get into the movie business.

Marc started his martial arts career when he joined the local Shotokan Karate Club in Skibbereen, which was run, at the time, by black belt Padraig O'Donovan. "Around then I also started doing gymnastics classes, pregressing on, when I was 14-years-old, to Taekwon-Do". Marc continued to study the Korean art and gained a black belt before he left West Cork for Hong Kong.

For 12 years, Marc trained day in and day out until he was at the peak of his fitness. He demonstrated a level of flexibility that was equal to any of his contemporaries. At just 19-years-of-age Marc made his way, on his own, to Hong Kong where he was very lucky to make the aquaintenance of Bey Logan, who is well known in the film industry in Hong Kong.

It was through this growing friendship with Logan that the Irishman found himself on the sets of action movies in Hong Kong. "It was remarkable to me that within two weeks of arriving, in what is a teeming and chaotic city, that I found myself standing in front of a director and showing him what I could do".

It was also during this time that Marc earned the distinction of being the first westerner to double a Chinese lead in a Hong Kong movie.

Working in the Far East

Marc worked on seven movies from 2000 to 2008. His first film, in 2000 was an action-comedy called 'Gen X Cops'. Benny Chan directed the film and Marc played an FBI agent. He also worked on  'Ultra Violet', which starred Mila Jovovich. The Jackie Chan stunt team also worked on the production. In 2002 he worked on the Golden Harvest production of 'Momun Tai 2', which starred Yuen Biao & Colin Chou, with whom Marc had a one-on-one fight scene. His final film in Hong Kong, in 2008, was 'Street Fighter - The Legend of Chun Lee'. Other Hong Kong based movies included 'Naked Weapon' (2002); 'Game of Death' (2003) and 'Hanuman' (2007).

Returning to Ireland

Marc then went on to settle back in West Cork where he now lives with his partner, the beautiful Britta, who is originally from Augsburg in Germany.

Marc's mother, Heidi, is also from Germany, but being married to singer-songwriter Des Redmond for 40-plus years means she has a wonderful Dublin accent.

All of them are a close knit unit. Together they run Driftwood Country Hostel at Dromig outside Skibbereen.

At Driftwood Marc has created his own Dojo training area for the retreat centre.

Since his return Marc has joined Stunt Guild Ireland and worked on productions such as Vikings, Penny Dreadful and perhaps most prominantly Game Of Thrones where he stunt doubled Kit Harington aka Jon Snow. For more infomation on Marc please check out his IMDB profile: CLICK HERE

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